In July 2019, the implementing decisions of the new pleasure boating legislation were published in the State Magazine. These new regulations will now enter into force, where necessary, transitional periods are foreseen. This innovation is set up around two pillars: administrative simplification and increase in security.

Safety remains top priority. The practical part of the exam for obtaining a sailing certificate was renewed with a mandatory sailing test. The obligation of sailing certificate for large and fast pleasure craft, as it also applies to inland waterways, is extended to sea. The mandatory equipment on board in the new legislation was also thoroughly modernised and drawn up in response to how far offshore the vessel sails off the coast. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory in a number of situations.

Administrative simplification is central to this innovation. For example, there will be one unique registration letter that replaces the former flag letter for sailing at sea and the immatriculation document for sailing on inland waterways. 

More information about the pilot's exam can be found here:

More information about the changes can be found here:

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